Release Notes & Roadmap

(Updated: 20th Sept 2022)

Application Version 4.26: Released 20/3/2022

  1. Bug Fix: Angle measurement was being rounded to the nearest degree which is not accurate enough for setback measurements. Fixed this back to 1/10 of a degree.

Application Version 4.25: Released 8/2/2022

  1. Introduced “Advanced Mode” with the following features:
    1. Additional indicators to show twist and lean of the phone when measuring an angle to help check that the tool is straight
    2. UCI Compliace for saddle setback and bottom bracket height. UCI measure saddle setback to the tip of the saddle so it is also necessary to enter the tip to centre measurement for this calculation. Non compliant setups are highlighted in red.

Application Version 4.12: Released 2/2/2022

  1. Introduced ‘share’ feature to enable bike profiles to be shared with other people or other devices.
  2. ‘Open’ button removed from the profile list and replaced with the profile name being the button that opens and switched to the Saddle tab.

Application Version 4.7: Released 30/1/2022

  1. Introduced tab displays for Profiles/Saddle/Bars/Hands.
  2. New feature to load/save different bike profiles.
  3. Backup and restore functionality to backup and/or move data between devices.

Tool Version 3.04: 24th Jan 2022

  1. Includes additional internal strengthening for seat clamp

Application Version 3.2: 14th Jan 2022

  1. Fixed bug to correct handle bar X and Y calculations to reference the handle bar centre rather than the contact point with the ruler. These calculations required me to use the ruler width and standard bar diameter (32mm), so now all measurement used in the app need to be in mm units.
  2. Added notification dialog to launch on first run to explain that app has been updated.

Roadmap items

All roadmap items have now been completed. If you have additional feedback for future improvements please email