Tool Assembly

(A) Ensure the Bottom Bracket (BB) locator end cap is fastened securely to the “0” end of the ruler. This is design to be a tight fit, and will need knocking on, I usually just tap it on the floor. Ensure that it is fully inserted. Ensure that the side with metric only is on top (showing in the window of the end cap).

(B) The Bottom Bracket (BB) / Handlebar measuring block needs to be slid onto the ruler next, with the arrow at the top pointing downwards. This line takes into account the 20mm offset when measuring the BB height from the ground.

(C) The remaining pieces can then be slid onto the ruler

(D) The Optional Seat Clamp spacers (10mm, 20mm) can be used if the saddle centre width is wider than 70mm. For wide saddles this spacer helps keep the seat clamp level and square on top of the saddle when measuring. Many saddle are 70mm or 80mm wide at the centre, others are wider.

The interchangeable bottom bracket adaptors can be used to get the best fit for your particular crank set. These were introduce with V4 of the tool and are also available as an upgrade pack for existing customers.

The 3 adaptors are the following:

  • Shimano Hollowtech – for the majority of modern Shimano crank sets.
  • Dome – for SRAM and anything with a locating hole in the centre, including larger Allen bolts
  • V – a tapered V shape that can be used for any other type of crank to locate from the external width. Best used with the cranks perpendicular to the ruler.
  • The square fitting is compatible with most 3/8 socket sets, so it should also be possible to use other sockets to directly fit other nuts and bolts you may come across too.

When using the tool I find it best to reconfigure between measurements so that you just have the components you need.