Smart ‘Measurement and setup tool’

Utilise your smartphone for the simple and accurate way to set up your bike.

Measures/calculates all important rider position metrics:
Saddle position (X, Y, tilt),
Handlebar position (X, Y, drop from saddle),
Bottom bracket (height),
Hand position (height, distance from saddle centre, drop from saddle)

Watch the following video to hear Callum Hughes from Velo Clinic talk about bike measurements

Callum Hughes talks about bike Measurements

To see a video review of the tool in use, please watch this video review by Federico Ciampella

NEW! Full review available here from the International Bike Fitting Institute

Since having my first professional bike fit I’ve always been frustrated by the complexity of setting a bike up to the desired rider’s position. Usually this entails using a combination of rulers, tape measures and a plumb line or laser level. This is time consuming and easily introduces errors. Alternatively, there are professional XY measurement tools available, but these are also very pricey for the home mechanic and still complicated to use.

One of the key challenges when replicating a desired setup is consistently finding the centre of the saddle. This is important as setting the saddle ‘set back’, or ‘X’ position is one of the most important, and frequently overlooked considerations. The saddle ‘X’ position, combined with its height determines your balance on the bike, and if incorrect can result in too much weight being placed on the bars, which on long rides can lead to problems with the hands, shoulders, neck etc.

In my search to make setup easier I’ve developed a tool which combines the simplicity of a lightweight measuring device, with the sophisticated capabilities of the latest smartphones to calculate all of the important cycle fit measurements. It uses a single tool to locate the saddle centre, measure the distance from bottom bracket (BB) to saddle centre, and BB to handlebar centre. The smart phone App then meaures the angle of the tool and uses this to calculate the important X/Y dimensions used by the majority of bike fit professionals. The tool also allows easy measurement of the riders hand position.

Please see the following diagram for reference:

Please note: This tool does not replace a professional bike fit. Please get a bike fit from your local bike shop, or a bike fit specialist. What this tool does do, is to allow you to easily set a bike up when you know what your correct measurements are. It also allows you to easily transfer and compare the setup from one bike to another.

Visit the instructions page for step by step details on how to use the tool.

Purchase price for Tool & Application is $60/£48 + postage.

If you have access to a 3D printer I have also made the design able for free with a Creative Commons License on – download available here

Please test the application with your device for compatibility before ordering.

Dec 2022 Update:
We are currently able to take orders for the following locations with local shipping:
UK – Stock available
USA – Stock available
EU Countries – Stock Available
Shipping On Thursdays
AustraliaStock available

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